SOAP service’s name:
 consistencyTest-ITTB (see SOAP requests for details)


This web service aims at testing the consistency of the judgements provided by an individual or a group J. Let X be a finite set of alternatives that J wants to compare in terms of their relative attractiveness (desirability, value). Let P be a binary asymmetric relation. First a PRETEST of the preferential information allows to detecting the presence (or not) of cycles whithin P and sorts the elements of X. If the PRETEST detected no cycle whithin P, a test for complete or incomplete type 1 information is then processed. Afterwards, when the LP-test1 or the DIR-test1 is feasible, a consistency test for type 1+2 (LP-test1+2) information is run. If the LP-test1+2 is feasible, the program serach for a basic MACBETH scale by solving the LP-MACBETH and tries to guarantee technically the uniquenes of the MACBETH scale. At the end, the web service generates THE MACBETH scale or indicates inconsistency of the judgments provided.

Contact: Dhouha Kbaier (


(For outputs, see below)


Type 1+2 information. The label must be one of the following judgments: I (for indifferent), ?, Ci or Cij if you hesitate to choose the difference of attractiveness (i<j and 1<=i,j<=6 ). Class 1 corresponds to very weak, Class 2 is weak, class 3 is moderate, class 4 is strong, class 5 is very strong and class 6 is extreme. Note that the preferential information can be generated by the web service generatePreferentialInformation.

The input value should be a valid XMCDA document whose main tag is <alternativesComparisons>. It must have the following form:




A list of <alternativesValue> representing a certain numeric quantity for each alternative: the type 1+2 MACBETH scale.

The returned value is a XMCDA document whose main tag is <alternativesValues>.


A list of messages generated by the algorithm.

The returned value is a XMCDA document whose main tag is <methodMessages>.

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