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The Decision Deck project collaboratively develops Open Source software tools to support the Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) process.





Decision Deck Consortium

Association loi 1901. Address: 445, Route de Quilihouarn, 29280 Plouzané, France


The literature in the field of Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) proposes algorithms and methods that are acknowledged and used in real world decision aiding processes. These techniques provide useful solutions to complex decision problems which involve several, often conflicting evaluation criteria. Several such methods and algorithms have been implemented and are available as separate software solutions. However, as they were developed in an uncoordinated way, they lack fundamental interoperability features.

The Decision Deck project therefore aims at collaboratively developing Open Source software tools implementing Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding techniques which are meant to support complex decision aiding processes. One of the main features of these software solutions are that they are interoperable in order to create a coherent ecosystem.

The Decision Deck Consortium, a french non profit association, steers and manages the project along the lines of a manifesto. It is headed by an Administration Board.

The Decision Deck Consortium was officially born on November 25, 2008 as it appears the official declaration (#1390) published in the French Journal Officielle de la République Française p.6301 (see Extract (280.36 Kb)).

Bylaws (In French): Page 1 (246.40 Kb) Page 2 (103.16 Kb)

President Patrick Meyer
Vice-president Miłosz Kadziński
Secretary Vincent Mousseau
Treasurer Brice Mayag
Software coordinator (former sc, 2010-2021: Sébastien Bigaret)
Communications coordinator Alexandru Olteanu
Deputy software coordinator Olivier Cailloux

The Decision Deck project collaboratively develops Open Source software tools to support the Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) process. Its purpose is to provide effective tools for three types of users:

  • consultants who use MCDA tools to support decision makers involved in real world decision problems;
  • teachers who present MCDA methods in courses, for didactic purposes;
  • researchers who want to test and compare methods, or to develop new ones.

From a practical point of view, the Decision Deck project works on developing multiple software resources that are able to interact. Several complementary initiatives focusing on different perspectives contribute to:

  • global architecture of MCDA systems;
  • implementations of MCDA algorithms;
  • data models of MCDA objects;
  • decision process modelling and management;
  • graphical user interface.

The original manifesto as approved by the consortium at its creation data is available here.

Patrick Meyer

IMT Atlantique
LUSSI Department
Technopôle Brest-Iroise CS 83818
F-29238 Brest Cedex 3



A software for designing, executing and sharing MCDA methods, algorithms and experiments


A standardized XML recommendation to represent objects and data from the MCDA field which allows MCDA software to be interoperable

XMCDA web services

Distributed computational MCDA resources, using the XMCDA standard


An initiative linking Geographical Information Systems and MCDA


An initiative linking the statistical software and programming environment R and MCDA


A software containing several MCDA methods



A rich internet application for calling XMCDA web services


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