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Latest news:

2 December 2015: A new version of diviz (1.15.1 «Ghosts & Goblins») has been released! Download it!

26 November 2015: diviz 1.15 «Ghosts & Goblins»)

7 May 2015: diviz v1.14 «Hells Bells»

30 January 2014: diviz v1.13.2 «Gauntlet II»

19 February 2012: diviz v1.12 «Zak McKraken»

22 November 2012: diviz v1.11.1 «Barbarian II»

30 August 2012 diviz now has installers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux! They all offer a new auto-update functionality.

16 August 2012: diviz v1.9.99 «Gyruss»

19 June 2012: diviz v1.9 «Zaxxon»

19 April 2012: diviz v1.8.2

11 April 2012: 10th Decision Deck Workshop in Tarragona (Spain) Click here for more information.

The Decision Deck project

The Decision Deck project aims at collaboratively developing Open Source software tools implementing MultiCriteria Decision Aid (MCDA) techniques which are meant to support complex decision aid processes. One of the main features of these software solutions are that they are interoperable in order to create a coherent ecosystem.

Currently the active developments of the project focus on the following three initiatives :

  • diviz : a software for designing, executing and sharing MCDA methods, algorithms and experiments.
  • XMCDA : a standardized XML recommendation to represent objects and data from the MCDA field which allows MCDA software to be interoperable;
  • XMCDA web services : distributed computational MCDA resources, using the XMCDA standard;

The Decision Deck project has also given birth to two other initiatives which are currently not under active development (called frozen on this site):

  • d2 : a software containing several MCDA methods;
  • d3 : a rich internet application for calling XMCDA web services.

The XMCDA standard